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Voi Rung Forest Vine Tea

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Weight: 200gr – 500gr – 1kg

Origin: Gia Lai Province.

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Product information:

Forest Vine Tea products are processed by Voi Rung Cooperative, collected in the forest by the Bahnar people in Gia Lai Province.

Forest Vine Tea/ Tea rope, also known as Hoang Giang or Song Nho tea, is known as a refreshing drink that detoxifies the body on hot summer days. In addition, it is also known as a cure for HP bacteria, specializing in treating stomach and intestinal problems to help improve the digestive system.

Tea rope is a climbing plant that grows wild in the forest. People will harvest the whole stem and leaves at the time when the tree has not yet flowered. Then wash to remove impurities, cut into small pieces, and then dry under sunlight. When brewing tea, the color is dark brown, fragrant, sweet and a little bitter. At first glance, the tea leaves are white like mold. Scientists have proven that the reason why the green tea has such a color is due to the sap of the passion fruit, the whiter the leaves, the more resinous and very good.

Other names : Thau Ra, Khau Ra (in ethnic language), Hong Huyet Long, Dien Bo Tra, Nguu Khien Ty

Scientific name: Ampelopsis cantoniensis

Botanical family: Nho

Product’s Ingredients: 100% pure forest rope tea.


  • Prevention and treatment of stomach diseases: heartburn, belching, sore throat, gastric reflux, antral inflammation, congestion, gastritis, duodenitis
  • Regulate blood pressure, prevent cardiovascular disease
  • Support sedation, help sleep easily
  • Disinfect, protect teeth
  • Support desensitization
  • Clear heat, detoxify, treat mouth heat
  • Treatment of inflammatory diseases of the middle ear, tonsils or infected wounds

How to use:

Pre-rinse wire tea to clean
Brew tea in the ratio of 5-10 stalks or tea leaves with 1 liter of boiling water.
Brewing tea with boiling water for about 10 minutes will help the tea retain its maximum medicinal properties and taste

In the treatment of the stomach, can be used instead of filtered water for about 15-20 days to significantly reduce the symptoms of ulcers.

Notes when using wire tea:

Do not use rope tea for people with blood pressure, pregnant and lactating women
Children should only use Rope tea in small doses.
Do not abuse Rope tea overdosage (over 70g), which can cause intoxication, nausea, nervousness
Be careful when using Western medicine with Cordyceps tea, it is easy to make the body sensitive to antibiotics.
The product is not a medicine and is not meant to replace medicine.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight
Tea should only be used throughout the day, absolutely not overnight

Expiry date: 12 months.

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Cơ sở sản xuất

Gia Lai

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Pha trà theo tỉ lệ 5-10 thân hoặc lá chè dây cùng 1 lít nước.
Đun sôi 5-10 phút để nước trà có màu vàng nâu.

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1 năm

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Bịch / 150g

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